While using Santorini as both setting and classroom, these photography land tours  provide unique photographic opportunities

to sharpen your photography skills and capture memories for a lifetime.

Groups are small, so you’ll get hands on instruction from an experienced professional photographer.

These photo tours are also a great way to go on a Safari Island style.

Santorini Photo Safaris are similar to walking sightseeing tours with an added bonus of a photo class.

Beginning your island holiday with Santorini Photo Safari is a wonderful way to take a drive & walking tour of the island

from the one end to the other, see places that you would miss otherwise and take home skills and memories for a lifetime.


              Pack your camera and sign-up for a

                                     Santorini Photo Safari today!

Santorini Photo Safaris

are led by professional photographers with a wide array of industry experience.

It goes without saying that we are passionate about it.  We want to share our vision.


The opportunity to teach photography via a photo land tour is an opportunity to share our view of the world.

Join us for an island photo tour and let us help you make your holidays memorable!

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Head Photographer

From his early teen age started following painting and photography lessons with master V.Vlahopoulos at the Polytechnical School of Fine Arts in Athens and later studied in Boston University, Business and got a master degree in Marketing. 

In early 80's he had started a side career as a painter and photographer for Greek and foreign tourism magazines, working for BTA and NTOG.


He became a professional in the hotel business for more than 30 years, and he had the chance to cooperate with great masters of photography and learn from very first hand the tips of a successful shooting.

He continued to attend photography lessons and seminars for digital photography, developing his skills constantly and he is specialized mostly to Architectural, and Portrait photography with extented activity on the Greek islands especially in Santorini.

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Photo editor

Erica has worked as a Marketing Director in several tourist organizations in different countries before settling down in Greece. Having a great experience and knowledge about publications, pictures and arts she followed her passion for photography and became an exquisite photo editor with extented knowledge about all the modern techniques of the latest photo softwares. 


Otherwise known in the office as the book worm , Erica is always the key and solution for the most technical & editing difficulties.

She is the one who turns the simple photos to masterpieces...



“We're a team of active and passionate people about photography. 

 We look forward to meeting you and helping you create the best photos, making your holidays in Santorini Unforgetable

 So, let's meet...!

the SPS team